Here at Travel Jewels, jewellery is in our blood. We were founded by Georgina Bishop, who grew up surrounded by beautiful jewellery, and became passionate about sharing it with the world. She believes that every woman should be able to shine, no matter her budget.

Our elegant jewels are designed and crafted to perfection, so they behave like real diamonds. The only difference is that instead of one ring, you can now have ten!


All of our pieces are made from Sterling Silver (Rhodium Plated) for better tarnish resistance) and the highest quality Cubic Zirconia. CZ is a manmade gem, expertly crafted to have the same characteristics as a diamond. It's faceted and cut in the same way, making it reflect, shine and sparkle just as brightly as the real thing.

In fact, it's very difficult for the average person to tell them apart (don't tell De Beers!). That’s what makes Travel Jewels the perfect travel accessories – you can have the wow factor without the worry.